For information about our practice during the pandemic, please click here.
Due to Covid-19, we are closing our in-person services.
Existing patients may schedule phone or telehealth appointments. Please email to schedule. 
Dr Aronow is supervising care on a limited basis for new patients with CRPS, RSD, and other sensory disorders at Kinetikchain.
Please call them to schedule at (720) 651-0674
For access to your records or other referral recommendations, please email Dr Aronow at


See what our clients are saying about us!

“I never thought I would walk again. I came in to get better crutch/wheelchair/pool exercise techniques. You showed me how my IT band was misaligned and we developed an innovative method to bandage it in place…Now I can walk! I hiked! I walked into my office for the first time in 9 years. I left the wheelchair at home!”  Jan C, age 46

“You are a no-nonsense, friendly helper. I walked out of the session feeling good about my physical prospects. You are very good at your job.”  Cameron W, age 64

​“You gave us a lot of time and made us feel important. You answered all our questions and were patient with our daughter. Thank you for being gentle and so caring. Your special care is what will make our daughter want to keep up with her exercises.”  Leslie K, age 36

“I shared with Emily my determination to walk a thousand miles as a symbol of my hope. As I have left 100 miles in my wake, I have also discarded 38 pounds! You told me to believe in myself and encouraged me and gave me the tools to do it.”
Barbara R, age 53

Pain. Woman walking.

What is Pain?

Pain is our body’s living alarm system. It tells us when something dangerous is happening in our body or in the environment, so we can take action to stay safe.

What is Health?

Health is a resource for living, not the object of living. A healthy person can perform everyday activities and be involved in the community the way he or she would like.

What is Vitality?

Vitality is the energetic power to live and be successful